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ActivePerl - Perl distribution for Win32 systems (includes Perl/Tk) for users who wish to run the source perl script. Windows users should download the latest Perl 5.8 release from here

Spidey - Automatic intron/exon mapping software (required for QPCR functionality)

REBASE data - Latest restriction enzyme data from the REBASE project

Perl/Tk - Required for PerlPrimer to run (already included with ActivePerl; should only be needed for some UNIX-based distributions, including Mac OS X)

libwww-perl - Required for BLAST searches and gene retrieval from Ensembl (only required on some UNIX-based systems)

Other applications

Python Contig Viewer - a contig alignment application for displaying SNPs and InDels that interacts with PerlPrimer

PAR - the Perl scripts/modules used to create the Win32 stand-alone executable

NSIS - Nullsoft Scriptable Install System, used to create the Windows installer version of PerlPrimer